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Power Supply 1-30V 10A with LM317


Here follows a simple and really economical 10A variable power supply (1.2-30V). An LM317 have been used to drive 3 npn TIP41C transistors (or, better, three 2N3055). Nothing to say about the project, it is really simple. The main supply must be connected to a rectified source (transformer + 25-30A bridge rectifier).

 For Q1,2 and 3 can be used any power TO220 transistor (TIP132C,TIP41C etc) or three external 2N3055 transistors

power supply 1-30V 10A
power supply 1-30V 10A
C1, C2, C8 are three filter capacitor. On the pcb there is room enough for three 4700, 50V capacitors. 

The three 0.1ohm resistors are 5W resistors. The Tip41C supports upto 6A with a collector dissipation of 65W max; a cooler is a must. If an higher power is needed they can be replaced by three external 2N3055 (115W) or other NPN power transistors. Pad1 and Pad, if an amperometer is not used, must be short-circuited.


power supply 1-30V 10A


Schematics and board can be, as usual, downloaded from the repository.

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